Diploma in Hos­pi­tal­ity Management

DiplomainHospitalityManagementTourism, one of the largest global indus­tries, is recog­nised as a dri­ver of eco­nomic growth and devel­op­ment in South Africa and has been ear­marked as one of the country’s key eco­nomic sec­tors. South Africa’s scenic beauty, mag­nif­i­cent out­doors, sunny cli­mate, cul­tural diver­sity and rep­u­ta­tion for deliv­er­ing value for money have made it one of the world’s fastest grow­ing leisure – and busi­ness – travel destinations.

As the tourism sec­tor grows, so does the hos­pi­tal­ity indus­try. Tourists and trav­ellers need a broad vari­ety of ser­vice indus­tries such as guest­houses, hotels, lodges, casi­nos, restau­rants, cater­ers, con­fer­ence and leisure cen­tres and tourism offices. The Diploma in Hos­pi­tal­ity Man­age­ment is aimed at prepar­ing lead­ers in this fast grow­ing indus­try with a focus on man­age­ment, cus­tomer ser­vice and rela­tions, mar­ket­ing and other oper­a­tional aspects.

IHT Hotel School is reg­is­tered by the Depart­ment of Higher Edu­ca­tion and Train­ing as a Pri­vate Higher Edu­ca­tion Insti­tu­tion with the reg­is­tra­tion num­ber 2008/​HE07008.

Our Diploma in Hos­pi­tal­ity Man­age­ment is:

  • Accred­ited by the Higher Edu­ca­tion Qual­ity Com­mit­tee of the Coun­cil on Higher Education
  • Reg­is­tered on a Level 6 on the Higher Edu­ca­tion Qual­i­fi­ca­tions Frame­work (HEQF)
  • Reg­is­tered by the South African Qual­i­fi­ca­tions Author­ity (SAQA) with the SAQA ID Num­ber 63169
  • Accepted by the Cape Penin­sula Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy for entry to
    the BTech (Bac­calau­reus Tech­nolo­giae) in Hos­pi­tal­ity Man­age­ment for a fur­ther year of study.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Mod­ule 1: Mod­ule 10: Mod­ule 18:
Hos­pi­tal­ity Com­mu­ni­ca­tion I

Hos­pi­tal­ity Prac­tice II
(Work-​integrated Learn­ing – min­i­mum 24 weeks)

Hos­pi­tal­ity Finan­cial Man­age­ment III
Mod­ule 2: Mod­ule 11: Mod­ule 19:
Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Tech­nol­ogy I Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Com­mu­ni­ca­tions II Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Tech­nol­ogy III
Mod­ule 3: Mod­ule 12: Mod­ule 20:
Food and Bev­er­age Stud­ies I Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Tech­nol­ogy II Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Man­age­ment III
Mod­ule 4: Mod­ule 13: Mod­ule 21:
Culi­nary Stud­ies & Nutrition Hos­pi­tal­ity Finan­cial Man­age­ment II Hos­pi­tal­ity Mar­ket­ing II
Mod­ule 5: Mod­ule 14: Mod­ule 22:
Accom­mo­da­tion Management Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Man­age­ment II Hos­pi­tal­ity Indus­try Law II
Mod­ule 6: Mod­ule 15: Mod­ule 23:
Hos­pi­tal­ity Finan­cial Man­age­ment I Hos­pi­tal­ity Mar­ket­ing I Hos­pi­tal­ity Prac­tice II
(Work-​integrated Learn­ing – min­i­mum 22 weeks)
Mod­ule 7: Mod­ule 16:
Hos­pi­tal­ity Busi­ness Man­age­ment I Hos­pi­tal­ity Indus­try Law I
Mod­ule 8: Mod­ule 17:
Hos­pi­tal­ity Health and Safety Food and Bev­er­age Stud­ies II

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